Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Decorate your walls

I recently got a new apartment, and even though I already have quite a lot to put up on the walls, I'm always keen to find some new stuff. Here's some of my favorite sites to get prints/posters. Got anymore? Leave them in the comments section...

DeviantArt has always been an obvious choice, with it's huge selection of prints.

I got a couple of prints from Jason Brooks many years ago, which still looks pretty darn good.

My new favorite has to be AMKA, which has a certain fresh/modern/digital look to most of it's posters that I totally love. (The above image from AMKA)

ISO50 shop also has some unique styled prints, heavily leaning towards stencil art.

Manzi has alot of cool artwork, with a somewhat more grotesque style.

Blanka provides a lot of original prints/posters collected by enthusiasts.

David Lanham is a widely renown computer artist, especially in the mac scene, he offers up prints of a lot of his work.

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