Friday, November 30, 2007

Mos Definitely in need of material

Mos Def has been a longtime favorite of mine in the hiphop world. Together with Talib Kweli he made pure magic on the BlackStar album, and met expectations with his solo debut. Ever since though, it's gone completely downhill (at least beatswize imho) and last nights show at Rockefeller was a testament to that.

Mos did a few tracks from the upcoming album which sounded alright, a few classics - most noteworthy Ms Fat Booty (which was the only time the place was rocking), and a lot of stuff he shouldn't even have brought.

But the reason I'm so disappointed in this concert, was the fact that the man just seemed downright lazy. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I estimate that 40-50% of the show consisted of his DJs playing either old soul records or other peoples records, which would have been cool to a certain extent, but this was overdone completely. I didn't pay 350,- NOK to listen to Mos Def doing live-backup on Kanye West cd's. I mean come on, that's just retarded, especially considering that at one point he did 5 in a row!? It's the only time I've actually booed at a concert.


New iPhone skin

The other day I was getting kinda tired of my current iPhone theme and I decided to create a new one. On that note I thought I'd share some of the stuff I've found that's not available through the "ordinary" channels.

The iPhone's GUI is very customizable. SummerBoard and Customize are very good tools for this (available via, but as you've may have noticed, alot of the stuff floating around isn't comparable to the iPhone's native sexiness. Here's a couple of things I've found that look great and lives up to Apple's GUI standard.

1. Batterymod
What: Slick graphics, and increased detail on batterystatus. Good looking and useful!
How: Add as a source in and install Aqwoah Battery


2. Keypad mod by Jonas Rask
What: A slightly toned down keypad with more elegant aesthetics than the original one. Available in multiple colours.
How: Download from and follow the instructions included in the zip file.

Jonas Rask's dialer replacement

3. Calculator mod by Jonas Rask
What: A calculator replacement that makes you realize that the original one from Apple is kinda ugly.
How: Download from and follow the instructions included in the zip file.

Jonas Rask's calculator mod

Friday, November 23, 2007

iPhone appearance on Nip/Tuck

In the ongoing blabbing I've been doing lately about the iPhone and Nip/Tuck, it was interesting to note that this weeks episode of the F/X drama was the first time I've seen the phone on a TV show. Since the iPhone hit the markets in late June, that makes it less than half a year to hit the screens, which in a media perspective isn't long.

Christian sports one of Apple's devices, and it seems Freddy Prune also has one trapped in an awful cellphone case.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am McLovin

Finally Superbad hit Norwegian cinemas. Seth Rogen (Knocked Up) and Michael Cera (Arrested Development) are two of the funniest newcomers in bigscreen Hollywood, so in short my expectations were impossible to meet. But still pretty damn hillarious!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden

Was reminded of this on last weeks episode of Nip/Tuck, a fantastic combination, one of my favorite songs and favorite shows. Look at how slick Jagger was, amazing :D

Upgrade iPhone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1

If you still have a 1.0.2 iPhone unlocked with the old AnySim (like in my previous guide) or iUnlock, you can easily upgrade to 1.1.1 via the following steps, without the fear of bricking your phone. Here's the easy steps:

1. Add as a source in
2. Run the Virginizer script (under Unlocking tools) that matches your baseband (most likely 03.14.08_G)
3. After it's finished restore your phone in iTunes to 1.1.1
4. Follow the easy instructions on to jailbreak and unlock again.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

iPhone Love: Access your iPhone as a shared library in iTunes with Firefly Media Server

Firefly Media Server is the best thing about hacking your iPhone/iTouch. It allows you to stream music off your phone/ipod in iTunes as a shared library. Perfect for bringing your music to school, work, a friends house or any place you might use a different workstation (read: where the music sucks).

This is dependant on a few things though:
* The phone & computer needs to be on the same WLAN
* Your device needs to be Jailbroken
* You need to enable Look for shared libraries in iTunes

How to install:
1. Add the source in
2. Install the program (under Multimedia->Firefly Media Server)
3. Reboot your phone

You can access certain settings in Safari (iPhone) by going to the url http://root:dottie@

Edit: After I upgraded to 1.1.1 I noticed you have to use Uictl (available via to start the server, the password is still dottie.

iPhone love: Free ondemand songs with SeeqPod

So when Apple initially wouldn't release a SDK for the iPhone and announced that webapps would be the only alternative, I'm guessing no one dreamed that a great service as SeeqPod would appear.

If you've yet to try SeeqPod, head over to their website and give it a shot. It's basicly an index that tracks mp3 files lying around the world wibe web, and directs them to your browser as playable content when you search.

When putting this on your phone, it enables you to play almost any song anywhere, which is in my opinion pretty damn genius and borderline next-gen-way of relating to music.

Contentwize, this thing is packed. I tried alot of searches the other day, and even the more obscure things i searched for (i.e. swede Hird) showed up.

A sweet thing about webapps, is that you don't have to hack your phone in any way to use it, just go to with your iPhone Safari client, and it will redirect you automaticly.