Saturday, November 10, 2007

iPhone love: Free ondemand songs with SeeqPod

So when Apple initially wouldn't release a SDK for the iPhone and announced that webapps would be the only alternative, I'm guessing no one dreamed that a great service as SeeqPod would appear.

If you've yet to try SeeqPod, head over to their website and give it a shot. It's basicly an index that tracks mp3 files lying around the world wibe web, and directs them to your browser as playable content when you search.

When putting this on your phone, it enables you to play almost any song anywhere, which is in my opinion pretty damn genius and borderline next-gen-way of relating to music.

Contentwize, this thing is packed. I tried alot of searches the other day, and even the more obscure things i searched for (i.e. swede Hird) showed up.

A sweet thing about webapps, is that you don't have to hack your phone in any way to use it, just go to with your iPhone Safari client, and it will redirect you automaticly.

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