Saturday, November 10, 2007

iPhone Love: Access your iPhone as a shared library in iTunes with Firefly Media Server

Firefly Media Server is the best thing about hacking your iPhone/iTouch. It allows you to stream music off your phone/ipod in iTunes as a shared library. Perfect for bringing your music to school, work, a friends house or any place you might use a different workstation (read: where the music sucks).

This is dependant on a few things though:
* The phone & computer needs to be on the same WLAN
* Your device needs to be Jailbroken
* You need to enable Look for shared libraries in iTunes

How to install:
1. Add the source in
2. Install the program (under Multimedia->Firefly Media Server)
3. Reboot your phone

You can access certain settings in Safari (iPhone) by going to the url http://root:dottie@

Edit: After I upgraded to 1.1.1 I noticed you have to use Uictl (available via to start the server, the password is still dottie.

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