Saturday, December 01, 2007

iPhone: Remote controls

Yes, the iPhone is my new favorite toy, but that doesn't mean it can't be useful. The device has a huge potential working as a remote control (touchscreen remember?) and developers are taking heed. Here are the three remotes I use on a daily basis. The remotes all use your Safari browser (which means no iPhone hacking needed) and requires that all the devices you intend to use it with, are on the same WLAN as your iPhone.

1. uTorrent
uTorrent has a webremote built in, but it's advanced features do not work with Safari. So it was with great pleasure I discovered this mobile interface designed to work specifically with the iPhone. Both uTorrent and this "addon" are completely free.

uTorrent mobile interface for iPhone

2. iTunes
Signal is Alloysoft's remote for iTunes. Installs as a little app in your systray and shares your entire iTunes library. It does a great job at it as well, mimicking the native iPod application on your phone, and displays albumart! Signal will set you back $25

AlloySoft's Signal remote for iTunes

3. Xbox Media Center
XBMC is what makes that dusty old Xbox of yours still worth something. It has a built in webremote that allows you to control alot of functions from a browser. Due to design issues this isn't very practical on the iPhone, so Tom Robinson created a feature-packed remote that enables you to maneuver your Xbox completely from the iPhone. The best part: it's free!

XBMC Remote


steinar said...

haha! priceless!
Watching your Microsoft Windows XP download Ubuntu with ĀµTorrent on your Apple iPhone. You just made my day, thanks bro!

Marius said...

Hehe, what can I say, I'm a lover - not a hater.