Friday, June 29, 2007

The Nextmen - This Was Supposed to be the Future

The Nextmen - This Was Supposed to be the Future
One of my definite favorites returns. These guys are the true mixtapemessiahs as far as I'm concerned, and the good news this time is this just might be their best studio-album.
Even though Piece of The Pie is getting a bit old, it's still fire and I love the semi-cheesy sound of The Drop and Memory Lane. It kind of sends my thoughts swirling towards the first Lluomo record. Get the Knowledge Be Born track for free along with news from the Men.
As usual I've bolded out my favorites.

01. Let It Roll (3:26)
02. Blood Fire (3:41)
03. Did No Wrong (4:16)
04. Tuffen Up (4:00)
05. Knowledge Be Born (3:17)
06. Something Got You (3:34)
07. Concentrate (2:59)
08. The Drop (4:16)
09. Let It Be (4:22)
10. Move (4:08)
11. Piece Of The Pie (4:36)
12. Camera Tricks (2:55)
13. Memory Lane (4:55)
14. This Was Suppose To Be The Future (5:23)

On the same note I'd recommend everyone(!) to get their mixtapes Personal Golf Instructions and the latest Friends & Family. That's two tapes with instant-party-guarantee.

Here's a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. First of is the acoustic version of their Something Got You track of the new album, which is not very typical for them, but nice in an Aim kind of way.

The second video is an older track with Rodney P, Dynamite MC and Cutty Ranks.

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