Monday, April 16, 2007

While we're waiting for The Carter III

I'm so excited about The Carter 3, I'm almost as excited to hear the new Drought tape as well. There's been some rumours that The Drought 3 has been leaked on the net, but according to DJ Khaled denounces the version spreading on the net as a bootleg

"Yeah we just finished mixing it last week, so it should be coming out soon. There’s a bootleg floating around with a few of the songs that leaked, but that’s not even close to all of the tracks that are going to be on the real thing. Plus, the real version is hosted by me and Birdman, so with the bootleg, it doesn’t even have the same feel. But it’s ready to go. We’re just not sure when it’s going to drop yet."

I guess that means it's a preview of the preview, but being familiar with previous Lil Wayne tapes, I assume even that will be worth the visit to your favorite mixtape resource.

Meanwhile, here's a video snack from, Lil Wayne live at BET's Rap City Freestyle April 10. (Can't see the videos? Go here)

And a chopped and screwed version which sounds unusually good, especially considering it's a freestyle.

I'm a shark in the water, I swim with the big, so I don't have time to deal with Willie Da Squid

And if that Gillie Da Kid quote doesn't satisfy your craving for Lil Wayne drama, here's an interesting article contemplating if Lil Wayne confessed (Sgt. Pepper style) to killing a white girl. It's based on Weezys lyrics on the track Hustler Music on The Carter II.
I ain't never killed nobody I promise
And I promise if you try me
You gon have to rewind this track
And make it go back

The author reversed the entire track (and supplied a slowed down version as well). Can you make out the lyrics he claims to be recorded on reverse? I picked up the "it was september run her meat albini" which made me think what I heard, "jibberish"...

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